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Get solutions out in record time

An API developer’s best friend

API Toolkits for IBM i by Kato Integrations - a developer’s best friend. These toolkits work as a library of RPG utilities and subprocedures, designed to help streamline your integrations with APIs around the globe. Each one is built using 100% RPG, meaning it ties closely to the IBM i operating system, promoting both accelerated development and lightning fast processing.


Build in 100% RPG

All toolkits let you develop using only RPG

Secure TLS Encryption

Keep security at the front line of your development


Lightning Fast Speeds

No Java, middleware, or external dependencies


Fully Supported

Your solution is backed by RPG experts


Simplify Development

Connect to APIs with a library of subprocedures

Bespoke Solutions

Hire us to develop your next integration


Address Toolkit for IBM i

100% Native RPG: Utilize powerful subprocedures programmed in RPGLE – to perform accurate, real-time address validation for as little as $0.005 per lookup.

Mail delivered to valid address via IBM i
Packages Getting Ship via UPS for IBM i

UPS Toolkit for IBM i

Leverage the UPS Developer Kit API to communicate in real-time with shipping and package tracking services, address validation, and estimating time in transit and delivery.


CyberSource Toolkit for IBM i

CyberSource Toolkit for i allows you to quickly implement credit card processing functionality in new or existing business applications on IBM i, utilizing the popular CyberSource payment gateway.

Credit card payment for IBM i

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We're thrilled to announce that Krengeltech has officially rebranded to Kato Integrations. We believe that the new name better represents the power and versatility of our integrations, and we can't wait for you to see what's in store.