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RPG, JSON, and REST: Testing IBM i Web Services with Postman

This tutorial shows you how to test IBM i web services in RPG using both Postman and RPG API Express. Learn RPG web services the easier way.

Parsing JSON With RPG API Express 3.4

RPG web service developers need to parse JSON business data every day. This post will discuss how you can use RXS to parse sample API data.

Create JSON with RPG API Express 3.4

Easily create JSON in native RPG and communicate with IBM i web services worldwide. Read this tutorial and get started today!

Processing Unicode Natively With RPG API Express

CCSID and Unicode handling in RPG can be complex without the right tools - RPG API Express can fix that. Read about its CCSID capabilities!

Using XSD Validation Within RPG API Express

XSD, or XML Schema Definition, is what defines how XML documents should be interpreted. Read here to learn how XSD validation can help you.

Utilize 16 MB RPG Variables – IBM i V6R1

With the change of RXS v.3.35, we've adopted the latest changes that IBM released, including 16 MB RPG variables. Read here to find out more.

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