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RPG Developers

RPG API Express is programming power at your fingertips. With it, you can both offer and consume APIs directly from your IBM i. Being programmed in 100% RPG, our suite of tools helps you overcome the most common development hurdles an IBM i shop encounters. Build REST APIs, create JSON and XML documents, and much more.

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IT Managers

Your role as an IT manager is to help your team get projects out the door fast. With RPG API Express, you can do just that. Every license is backed by a dedicated support team of expert RPG developers, ready to help your team make the most of their RPG environment.

Technology Executives

Technology executives want to raise the bottom line of their company by adopting software that holds strong year over year. With RPG API Express, your programmers will be able to develop programs that withstand the test of time. Solve problems quickly and efficiently while improving your bottom line.

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Your Business Partners

Every company that offers of consumes APIs needs to communicate with their business partners. RPG API Express lets you do just that by helping you construct data to transmit out and parse incoming data directly to your programs or databases. We offer solutions that help you make the most of partner data.

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