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RPG API Express

Compose, parse, and transmit JSON & XML. Communicate via HTTP using REST and SOAP. Integrate with APIs worldwide. Develop programs in 100% RPG.

Address Toolkit for i

Perform accurate, real-time address validation directly from your IBM i. Rapidly build postal verification subprocedures in 100% RPG.

UPS Toolkit for i

The UPS Toolkit for i allows real-time communication with the UPS web service APIs directly from the RPG environment.

CyberSource Toolkit for i

Communicate with the CyberSource payment gateway directly from an RPG environment without relying on Java or WebSphere.

Image Processor for i

The Image Processor for i allows you to easily manipulate images and create page segments (*PAGSEG) using RPG on the IBM i.

Litmis Spaces IBM i Hosting

Litmis Spaces offers IBM i hosting on the cloud at some of the most competitive rates available, making the IBM i more accessible to the average developer.