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Enhancing Document Management with DocuSign and RPG API Express

Utilizing RPG API Express for DocuSign Integration

In our previous case study on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics we discussed how Gary Wadhwani, an RPG developer and owner of Computer Concepts, Inc., was able to bridge a connection between a Microsoft SQL Server and the IBM i by using RPG API Express (RXS). This helped connect the membership and credentialing portions of the organization’s data, saving the time that would have been lost without RXS’ simple implementation.

In this brief study, we will look into how Gary was able to connect with DocuSign via webhooks in order to monitor document signatures.

The Challenge

The Academy needed a system to monitor changes to documents that members sign into their IBM i application. They needed a solution that could effectively interact with DocuSign via webhooks, a task that seemed daunting due to the technical intricacies involved.

Simplifying Development with RXS

Leveraging his experience with RXS, Gary crafted an elegant and simple solution. The steps included:

  • Building a system that sets up webhooks for the Academy’s document browser.
  • Utilizing RXS’s capabilities to create these webhooks on the IBM i.
  • Successfully linking DocuSign to the Academy’s system, enabling the monitoring of document changes.

Part of Gary’s success with this is because RXS was able to provide the tools necessary to build webhooks from his IBM i, while other low-code solutions lacked the flexibility.

Steps to Gary's solution
Set up document browser webhooks
Create webhooks with RXS
Link DocuSign and the Academy

The Results

The DocuSign integration enabled the Academy to enhance its customer engagement, ensuring that document changes were effectively tracked in real-time. This solution further solidified the role of RXS as a versatile tool within the Academy’s toolbelt for creating powerful integrations.

In the third and final case study in this series with Gary, we’ll look into how he was able to connect with the event management company Cvent in order to help the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics retrieve member information for their annual conference, which draws over 10,000 members per year.

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