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RPG API Express and Jobvite API – HR on IBM i for Jennie-O

Streamlining job postings

Recently, we worked with the Jennie-O company, who had a desire to improve the overall processes of publishing jobs and recruiting candidates for new job postings through their web site. The core goal was to improve efficiencies by preventing repeated data entry and make it easier for both internal employees and external candidates to apply for new career opportunities within the company.

To begin, Jennie-O implemented a new job requisition database in Lotus Notes. An HR rep was responsible to enter key information about a given job including job title, reporting manager, job level, location, responsibilities, qualifications, etc. Once the posting was finalized and approved, two events were triggered:

  1. The job details were sent to an internal Career Connection database to show internal employees all open job postings within the company. Internal employees were then able to apply for jobs online.
  2. Using RPG API Express and the XML interface provided by Jobvite, job data was provided to Jobvite (which acts as an external job posting service) – publishing all job opportunities and details to the public careers section of the Jennie-O web site.

The overall process allowed the HR rep to enter all pertinent information once while posting to multiple end points without any duplicate data entry.

Solving problems with a proof of concept

Jobvite is the leading social recruiting platform, allowing today’s fastest-growing companies to use applicant tracking, recruiter CRM and social recruiting software solutions. After reviewing the documentation Jobvite helpfully provided, we worked with the customer through a proof of concept phase, demonstrating how RPG API Express could efficiently meet their goals. We were able to work directly with some of Jobvite’s support technicians and ultimately provide a working proof of concept to our customer that implemented Jobvite’s employee API.

Jennie-O was able to integrate Jobvite web services into their business processes, giving them better distribution to vital recruiting data. All on IBM i. All in RPG.

What’s your human resource data challenge?

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