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RPG Order Entry, Credit Cards & First Data API – RPG API Express

This past month we were contacted by a company running on IBM i.

The question: Can you help me process credit cards using First Data from our legacy RPG order entry system?

The answer: Absolutely!

RPG API Express can be used to facilitate XML communications from RPG with any business partner that offers an XML web service API.  First Data is just one of many.

Payeezy by First Data

The Payeezy API by First Data is available in both SOAP and REST.

Typical credit card transactions that are supported include:

  • Purchases
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Pre-Authorization Completions
  • Refunds
  • Voids
  • Tagged Pre-Authorization Completions
  • Tagged Voids
  • Tagged Refunds

Additionally, the API supports:

  • Paypal transactions
  • Zero-dollar pre-authorizations
  • ValueLink gift card transactions
  • Electronic checks
  • Visa checkout
  • Dynamic currency conversion (allowing international customers to pay in their credit card currency)

So where do you start when wanting to implement First Data’s Payeezy payment gateway within your existing order entry application?  Their documentation, of course!

Click here for the full Web Service API Reference Guide.

Is Payeezy by First Data a good option for your RPG-based credit card processing needs?

Put a free proof of concept of RPG API Express to the test and contact us for help implementing it.

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